The Magical Wooden Bicycle

Kwezi is a curious young boy from Uganda, who wants nothing more in the world than a bicycle. He dreams of using his new yellow bicycle to take his mother to the market and finish his chores faster.  When no one will help him achieve his goal, he must take matters into his own hands. With the companionship of his friend Salema, the two attempt to build a bicycle from bamboo and reeds. 

Inspired by the author’s own childhood in Uganda, this thoughtful story offers a new narrative about children growing up in rural Uganda. The book highlights a unique upbringing, loving community, and the pure joy embodied within a young Ugandan boy who does whatever it takes to reach his goal.  No matter the obstacles a child may be facing, this uplifting story aims to inspire its young readers to look for creative solutions and never doubt the power and magic within themselves.   

Proceeds from The Magical Wooden Bicycle support Cycle Connect’s (formerly Bicycles Against Poverty) mission of financing productive assets such as bicycles, oxen & plow etc for rural Ugandan farmers. 

Looking for some magic in your own life? Hop on a bicycle to live out your own adventure.

Bicycles and stories live forever.